George County Schools

  • OneVoice Reporting System...

    Life is great! And…Life should be filled with love and happiness! But….What happens when it isn’t? Who can you turn to when you are afraid? Hurt? Being picked on or put down? What happens when someone you love is being the target of anger or violence? Hope can be found through onevoice.

    George County School District, in cooperation and collaboration with other local support partners, is offering onevoice. 

    Through an anonymous text program, anyone can send a text message to report acts of bullying, aggression, violence, drugs or other abusive or illegal concerns. Through a series of automated responses, you can report these acts and, if desired, get resources to help address these concerns immediately. 

    We know that sometimes it is hard to take a stand… onevoice removes the fear associated with asking for help. This anonymous reporting system can help you find your onevoice! Stand for what is right and good! Stand for love and happiness!

    One text, to stop the bullying! One text, to stop the hopelessness! One text, to stop the abuse! One text, to stop the drugs!
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