George County Schools
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    Upon request, the school system cooperates with community organizations to assist them with communication to students and parents by allowing distribution of literature and other materials to students and parents informing them of local community activities that are in no way associated with the school system.  We encourage our students to be active members of our community and want them to be informed of all opportunities available to them.  However, the George County School System does not endorse any of these outside organizations, and this organization is in no way affiliated with the George County School System.

City of Lucedale Upcoming Events
Buy Local Produce - Farmer's Market
  • Farmer's Market

    The Farmer's Market is held every Saturday in the
    Courthouse Courtyard, 355 Cox Street,
    from Sunrise until.....

Report Card Incentive Program
  • Report Card Incentive

    Better Homes and Garden (Wright Realty) likes to reward students for their academic achievements.  Last year the Report Card Incentive Program was a huge success.  The response from parents and students was of excitement and hoping it would continue.  We are excited about the upcoming Report Card Incentive Program and would like you to continue to promote it to your students each time they receive report cards.  The report card incentive program applies to all students; public, private and home school.  Students will have the opportunity to choose from various items for any A or B on their report card each 9 weeks.  Please be sure to bring your report card to a Better Homes and Garden (Wright Realty) office near you!!  We are happy to offer this program and look forward to working with our community as we encourage and promote success through good grades. 


    Lucedale Location: 826 Manila St. – 228-285-7335                                                                                                                                                 

    Hurley Location: 21000B Hwy 613 – 228-285-7335

Downtown Merchants Second Saturday
  • Downtown Merchants Second Saturday Dates
    Come out to support our local downtown merchants on Main Street every second Saturday from 4:00 - 9:00 PM!


    March 9
    April 14
    May 12
    June 9
    July 14


South Mississippi Special Needs Organization Events - SNO
  • South Mississippi SNO