George County Schools

The Gifted Program is designed according to Mississippi Department of Education Regulations to develop higher order thinking skills, creative problem-solving skills, and metacognition. At the same time the program recognizes the students' individual interests in society as a whole.

Exposure to experiences beyond the regular classroom and immediate community is important for the expansion of the students' understanding of world issues as well as their connection to the world at large.  Opportunities for the student are endless and this should be used as a guide during the student's journey to wherever they choose to venture in the future.  The district hopes to encourage these students' love of learning into a lifelong process of continued growth of knowledge and SPIRIT.

It is believed by the George County School District administrators, teachers, parents, students, and concerned citizens that the intellectually gifted students are unique of character.  These students require additional direction beyond the regular curriculum.  Gifted students' needs should be addressed in a way as to stimulate, inspire, motivate, and challenge them to achieve their highest measure of success.

"The Sky's The Limit, Keep Reaching For The STARS!"

Gifted Education Program Information