George County Schools

Title I

The George County School District uses Title I funds in our six elementary schools to apply research-based school reform strategies that provide an accelerated and enrished curriculum and increase both the amount and quality of learning time.  The intent of each Title I school program is to meet the educational needs of all children in the school, particularly the needs of children who are failing, or most at-risk of failing, to meet the State's student performance standards.

The major components of each Title I school include the following:

  • Use effective instructional strategies that increase the amount and quality or learning time, and provide accelerated, high-quality curriculum
  • Provide instruction by highly-qualified professional staff
  • Provide opportunities for high-quality professional development to all staff
  • Incorporate strategies to encourage parent involvement
  • Provide school-wide programs that help students to succeed

We welcome your comments or questions concerning Title I programs. Please contact Tanya Beech, Federal Programs Director by phone at 601.947.6993, ext. 2092 or by email at