George County Schools
Campus Safety
The Campus Safety Department is dedicated to developing partnerships with the community we serve, including students, staff, and faculty in order to enhance the goal of providing quality education in a safe and secure atmosphere.  Through these partnerships, we will preserve a learning environment that supports academic freedom, respect for diversity, fair and equal treatment to all, and an open exchange of ideas.



We will do the right thing for the right reason even when no one is watching. We will foster the trust of our community by maintaining high ethical standards of our personnel.


Our dedication is to customer service and willingness to answer the call no matter what the circumstances.


We will always strive for excellence in our daily work, which will ensure the best services are being delivered to our community.


We will continually improve our department and the services we offer.


We will remain loyal to the principles of the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Mississippi, and protect the civil liberties afforded our community through these documents.  We appreciate the diverse population we serve and understand that diversity is a principle this nation was founded upon.


Community Partnerships:

We will develop partnerships with members of the community we serve in an effort to provide a safe and secure environment that allows for the delivery of the highest quality of education.

Customer Service:

We exist to serve the George County School District community and will strive to provide the best law enforcement services to this educational institution.


We will strive to be a model, full service campus law enforcement department with state accreditation.  We embrace the initiative, hard work, creativity and courage of our personnel as they respond to the needs of our community.

"Protecting, Serving, And Educating America's Future!"
Department Contacts

Chief Al Hillman

Chief Resource Officer

Donde Hartley

Resource Officer
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